Convened annually in February/March to organise the Lawley Art Auction held (typically) in June (before the end of the financial year). Primarily it is a combined effort of the Music and SVAPA Support committees though it involves significant contributions from the school community in general.

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What We Do

This is the primary fund raiser for the Music and SVAPA support committees. The organisation has developed into a sophisticated operation involving many people. The grand finale is the auction night, a gala occasion in the MLSHS calendar.

Meetings - To Inform, Seek Input, Give Approvals

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2023 Committee Members

Convenor Andy Druyan
Secretary Amanda Rintoul
P&C President An Ex-Officio Member of all P&C Sub-Committees. Include in all committee communications
Committee TBA
School Liaison Lesley Street
Sue Faranda

Committee Roles...

The Convenor runs the meetings and sets the agenda. Sends out updates and reminders. Liaises with the head of department regarding any school matters. Presents reports to P&C general meetings.
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The Secretary is responsible for the attendance list, taking minutes and publishing them. Minutes are sent to the Convenor for vetting and emailing. Writes any necessary letters.

Best to like numbers! The Treasurer prepares report for meetings and P&C general meetings. Writes cheques for payments and reimbursements. Basically keeps the committee accountable for all financial dealings.

Committee Members
Help out when needed. Attend meetings to be kept informed and contribute ideas.


A note on the minutes...

The following minutes are in pdf format. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader can be obtained from


MINUTES - 2020

25/02/2020 - caa_2020-02-25_minutes.pdf
31/03/2020 - caa_2020-03-31_minutes.pdf

MINUTES - 2019

12/02/2019 - caa_2019-02-12_minutes.pdf
26/02/2019 - caa_2019-02-26_minutes.pdf
12/03/2019 - caa_2019-03-12_minutes.pdf
26/03/2019 - caa_2019-03-26_minutes.pdf
09/04/2019 - caa_2019-04-09_minutes.pdf
23/04/2019 - caa_2019-04-23_minutes.pdf
30/04/2019 - caa_2019-04-30_minutes.pdf
14/05/2019 - caa_2019-05-14_minutes.pdf
21/05/2019 - caa_2019-05-21_minutes.pdf
28/05/2019 - caa_2019-05-28_minutes.pdf
04/06/2019 - caa_2019-06-04_minutes.pdf
11/06/2019 - caa_2019-06-11_minutes.pdf
16/06/2019 - caa_2019-06-16_minutes.pdf
23/07/2019 - caa_2019-07-23_minutes.pdf

MINUTES - 2018

13/02/2018 - caa_2018-02-13_minutes.pdf
26/02/2018 - caa_2018-02-26_minutes.pdf
13/03/2018 - caa_2018-03-13_minutes.pdf
27/03/2018 - caa_2018-03-27_minutes.pdf
10/04/2018 - caa_2018-04-10_minutes.pdf
01/05/2018 - caa_2018-05-01_minutes.pdf
15/05/2018 - caa_2018-05-15_minutes.pdf
22/05/2018 - caa_2018-05-22_minutes.pdf
29/05/2018 - caa_2018-05-29_minutes.pdf
05/06/2018 - caa_2018-06-05_minutes.pdf
12/06/2018 - caa_2018-06-12_minutes.pdf
26/06/2018 - caa_2018-06-26_minutes.pdf

MINUTES - 2017

13/02/2017 - caa_2017-02-13_minutes.pdf
14/03/2017 - caa_2017-03-14_minutes.pdf
04/04/2017 - caa_2017-04-04_minutes.pdf
26/04/2017 - caa_2017-04-26_minutes.pdf
02/05/2017 - caa_2017-05-02_minutes.pdf
23/05/2017 - caa_2017-05-23_minutes.pdf
30/05/2017 - caa_2017-05-30_minutes.pdf
06/06/2017 - caa_2017-06-06_minutes.pdf
20/06/2017 - caa_2017-06-20_minutes.pdf