This page is an archive of documents that are no longer current. The Constitution requires that records of meetings (minutes) are to be kept indefinitely. So minutes of lapsed committees and other documents that may be of historical interest/use are stored on this page. To visit the old MLSHSPC website click here.

formerly the New Theatre Building Committee

This was a commitee started in 2017. It went into recess at the end of 2018 and was formally terminated at the General Meeting of 2021-03-22. They did a lot of good research that may be valuable for future reference.

Purpose: To investigate the support for and feasibility of developing the Mount Lawley Performing & Visual Arts Centre MLSHS.


MINUTES - 2018 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2017 - PDF Format

formerly the School Council until end of 2011

This is not a sub-committee of the P&C. However, back in 2008, the Chair of the then School Council (now Board), Ms Christine Richardson, asked the P&C to be the host of their documents. It was her opinion that the P&C ran a better web site than the Mount Lawley Senior High School, an opinion shared by many in those days.

This arrangment was terminated at the end of 2020 with the current Mount Lawley Senior High School web site now hosting these documents.

Click here to view the Terms of Reference (PDF Format)

Board Members (as at 2021-01-01)

The School Board consists of 11 members from the following sectors:

Further to this, the committee can also co-opt others for particular expertise.

A rotation policy has been established so that only half the elected members change each year.

The elections for parents, students and staff representatives are held at the start of each year.

School Board Annual Reports - PDF Format

School Annual Reports - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2020 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2019 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2018 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2017 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2016 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2015 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2014 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2013 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2012 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2011 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2010 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2009 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2008 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2007 - PDF Format