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The MLSHS Music Support Committee is made up of parents who actively support the Music students and staff at MLSHS.

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What We Do

What You Can Do

Join us!

If you are a parent interested in supporting music students at MLSHS, come along to our meetings and hear what is happening during the school year - camps, concerts, tours, plus more. We encourage you to support your child and music staff.

It is important that you know that:

What are the Benefits?

Meetings - To Inform, Seek Input, Give Approvals

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Subscribe to the Music Mailing List to be kept informed of actual meeting dates, times and locations (and lots of other information).

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2021 Committee Members

Convener Andrew Lippiatt
Secretary Bernadette Bradley
Treasurer Nirit Marom
P&C President An Ex-Officio Member of all P&C Sub-Committees. Include in all committee communications
Teacher's Representative Michelle de Rozario
Committee TBC

Committee Roles...

The Convenor runs the meetings and sets the agenda. Sends out updates and reminders. Liaises with the head of department regarding any school matters. Presents reports to P&C general meetings.
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The Secretary is responsible for the attendance list, taking minutes and publishing them. Minutes are sent to the Convenor for vetting and emailing. Writes any necessary letters.

Best to like numbers! The Treasurer prepares report for meetings and P&C general meetings. Writes cheques for payments and reimbursements. Basically keeps the committee accountable for all financial dealings.

Committee Members
Help out when needed. Attend meetings to be kept informed and contribute ideas.


A note on the minutes...

The following minutes are in pdf format. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader can be obtained from www.adobe.com.

MINUTES - 2021 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2020 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2019 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2018 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2017 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2016 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2015 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2014 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2013 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2012 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2011 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2010 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2009 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2008 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2007 - PDF Format