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An Invitation

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The Languages Support Committee welcomes you to Mount Lawley Senior High School. Currently there are five languages being taught at the school: Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Korean.

It is also a specialist GAT (Gifted And Talented) school. See GAT Support Committee

An Invitation

Does your child learn a language at MLSHS?

Did you know that all students learning any language at MLSHS also get opportunities to take part in extra cultural experiences?

These include experiencing the wide range of food and entertainment for Languages Week, a Language Soiree evening, language movie night, hosting of exchange students, school-hosted exchange staff, and opportunities to attend talks by people who speak the different languages and have experienced the various cultures.

With MLSHS being a Language Specialist school, ALL language students get the benefits of an enriched Language learning environment. The Languages Parent Support Group is a subgroup of the MLSHS P&C and our role is to help the language teaching staff with organising these great extra cultural experiences for the students, along with fundraising to allow these activities to occur.

We hope you will join us in helping to make our children's language experience at MLSHS a happy and exciting one.

A Welcome Evening is held in first term, where new parents can meet other parents and some of the Languages teachers.

How can you help?

You can help in any or all of these ways:

If you would like to get involved, please email your contact details to: languages@mlshspc.org.au

Don't worry - If you say you can provide a plate of food or other help, you won't be expected to be there for every activity!

What We Do

We want students to leave Mount Lawley Senior High School with happy memories of their time studying their chosen language and enough skills to support them if they wish to further their studies when they leave.

In order to make this happen we ask that you become actively involved by joining the Languages Support Committee. We are a small but friendly bunch trying to put together some wonderful events that realistically require much more manpower. Most of us work and find getting to meetings a challenge. However, if you want to make a difference or think you can offer a particular skill or have a business or even family members who could be useful in some way, then we would really appreciate your support. Good cake bakers are always handy and a bit of muscle when we need it is always welcome. Ideas people are great and we really appreciate people that can be "hands-on".

Click here for the Terms of Reference of this Support Committee (PDF format)

Click here to check out programs on 6EBA 95.3 FM - Perth's Full-Time Ethnic Radio

2020 Committee Members

Convenor Yaolan Liem
Secretary Terena Semmler
Treasurer Belinda Schmolke
P&C Representative  
P&C President An Ex-Officio Member of all P&C Sub-Committees. Include in all committee communications
Teacher's Representative Jaeik Jeong
Committee Members  

Committee Roles...

The Convenor runs the meetings and sets the agenda. Sends out updates and reminders. Liaises with the head of department regarding any school matters. Presents reports to P&C general meetings.
Click here to email the Convenor...

The Secretary is responsible for the attendance list, taking minutes and publishing them. Minutes are sent to the Convenor for vetting and emailing. Writes any necessary letters.

Teacher's Representative
Representive from the teaching staff.

P&C Representative
Reports back to the P&C General Meetings

Committee Members
Help out when needed. Attend meetings to be kept informed and contribute ideas.


A note on the minutes...

The following minutes are in pdf format. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader can be obtained from www.adobe.com.

MINUTES - 2020 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2019 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2018 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2017 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2016 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2015 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2014 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2013 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2012 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2011 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2010 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2009 - PDF Format

MINUTES - 2008 - PDF Format